10 June

Dear Humphrey

It’s Day 60 and I have now walked over 1000 miles. I am about 15 miles west of Logroño and will be continuing westwards for another three weeks. Legs etc in pretty good shape but right Achilles v painful when I stop walking! Simple answer is to keep walking and I am now targeting 30 to 40 kilometres a day.

There are so many lovely people on the walk, some of displaying huge courage in overcoming injuries and general lack of fitness. Christopher, the New York  police officer who, having overdone it on the first day and now contends with blisters and multiple other strains, walks at snails pace but continues until he has covered at least 24 ks even if it means starting at 6am and ending at 10 pm. He knows everyone as they all overtake him at some stage! When he discovered the cause I am walking for he immediately gave me €100 as he had had to care for both his parents casualties of 9/11. Joan who has undertaken this 500 mile journey having had a double knee replacement 5 months ago ( she has still to give me the name of her surgeon!) Joshua, a ‘little person’ being helped and accompanied  by a a lovely girl from Sydney. There are lots of others to mention but one of my favourite is ‘Vape’ from China who has a cheeky sense of humour. He is the one on the right..

The Camino itself is now is all about massive landscapes, country scenes, beautiful churches, banks of of wild flowers and birdsong.

It is a way along which pilgrims have trekked for hundreds of years seeking solitude sometimes, quiet  companionship with a fellow traveller at others and very often an escape from the outside world. And here comes ‘the gripe’.. and this is all being WRECKED by the wretched middle aged men in Lycra on bikes who bawl at one to get out of the way as they rush headlong at huge speeds down narrow paths causing one to leap into the nearest hedgerow and then have the cheek to shout Buen Camino as they pass. Someone has got to do something about this!

Two mornings ago my pilgrimage nearly came to a sad end. I was heading downstairs on my way out to put my boys on when I bumped in to an Englishman heading home carrying a pair of boots which I happened to notice looked remarkably like mine only to discover they were. He had an identical pair but two sizes larger! What a stroke of luck. It coincided with another strange event. My godson Harry Hadden Paton is starting as Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady on Broadway and has been nominated for a Toni award. His proud Dad sent me a WhatsApp about it all which I received overnight but opened that morning. That previous night  before I saw the message I had dreamt I had been offered a part and was about to go on but did not know my lines! Explain that one!

Please pass on my thanks to all for their messages of support and in particular who have said this letter is never too long!


Today I encountered a back pack which appeared to have its own legs

Actually it belongs to a lovely American girl called Katie who has borrowed her brothers! She is a physio and has joined her dad who has his old back pack and so that makes two walking back packs



with lots of love from

your friend and master

6 thoughts on “10 June

  • June 11, 2018 at 12:00

    Your doing a fantastic job James, so proud of what you are doing. I love the letters, your descriptions are very entertaining as well as informative 🙂 Charles is right there has to be a book here!
    Keep it up

  • June 11, 2018 at 21:15

    Hello – I have recently started to follow your blog with great interest. I walked the Camino in 2015 in memory of my mother and managed to raised approx £4000 for The Big C in Norfolk. I also have a fund with the Norfolk Community Foundation – The Musker McIntyre Community Fund so we have a connection. I am so impressed that you started in the UK and have walked all that way! I have now completed 4 different Caminos over the past few years and am rather ‘addicted’ to them! Anyway it is a great cause and I wish you well……PS. I also remember the cyclists!!
    All the best
    Joanna McIntyre

  • June 12, 2018 at 09:13

    Hi Jum, wonderful to hear about all the characters and their stories on the Camino which all makes it such a unique experience. Also now of great interest as I have booked to walk Pamplona to Burgos with Tian in September so will be walking in your footsteps. I empathise with your Achilles’ tendon as I had it bad once myself. If you haven’t tried already, there are stretching exercises you can do which may not improve it but can stop it getting worse. You should find them on the internet. Keep on truckin! John

  • June 12, 2018 at 15:39

    Close shave on the shoes !
    We have just walked 35 miles in 3 days in Italy finishing at Orvieto ,, am lost in admiration and wonder as to how you do that amount of Milagre & just keep going , it’s too hot fur me and we weren’t even carrying our bags , afraid we’re real softy’s ,( ah dear )
    Love your posts
    And pics of fellow walkers
    Love Garlinda & peter

  • June 12, 2018 at 16:53

    James you are doing fantastically. Your descriptions of what you see and who you meet is so informative and entertaining. I can see that when you see some of the pilgrims it must give you a boost to keeping going on. You are an example to us all. Your letters are never too long – I just love every word of them. God keep you safe. Hilary

  • June 13, 2018 at 22:03

    Much enjoying your blog and so impressed with your managing to keep writing. Please don’t shorten it! Hugely well done and best of luck for the rest of the route.


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