2 May

Dear Humphrey

First of all I see you too have blog https://humphreybagge.wordpress.com/  Thankyou so much for your first post and I am sorry to hear Coco is trespassing on your territory. I am sure Mum will be back soon to let him out.

Meanwhile back in France I have completed the third day. The journey started with a pretty horrendous time at Mont St Michel in something of a storm. 

A lot people running with nowhere to go. However having left the coast on a very desolate and deserted track on the coastline I headed inland, the weather improved and I reached my first stop in Saint James.. yes there are a lot of places with that name on this route. There are very few ( in fact no other) pelerin (pilgrims) on the route so far and the only other companions appear very curious as to what on earth I am up to

My first night I spent in what is called. ‘Chambre D’hote’ and I was provided with an apartment with a choice of three beds a bath and a shower all for 20 euros. Dinner was laid on for 14 of us.. 4 courses .. what generosity. All the others were travelling by car and the conversation (all in French of course) appeared to be about how they got lost trying to find Mont St Michel and the guest house. My only contribution was to say it was easier on foot!

Day 2 was a lovely day.. not too long.. sunny and beautiful country. Again a lot of curious animals but no others! The route is well marked and it always of great comfort to see

this on the odd lamp post. It occurred to me that of course this is something very familiar to you!

Day 2 ended in a ‘gite d’etape ‘ a local community hostel. Having not prewarned I called a number and the wonderful Roland abandoned his day off and came and opened the place up. Once again I had the place to myself .. only a choice of 14 beds and two showers and the kitchen to myself all for 11 euros! Then Roland scuttled off to find me some food and a bottle of wine. There are some wonderfully community spirited people here. Also I have noticed they are all very positive about greeting one with a handshake. I was sitting in a cafe this morning and the owner came in and took the trouble to come over and shake my hand.

Today I have had a bit of rain.. got lost a little.. but arrived in Fougeres a medieval fortified town by lunch having left my gite at 7 after a very cold night. I have had a very radical haircut as they say it is going to get warm. So don’t get surprised by the new look. Gordon Ramsay might even try it! I have been warned of the reports in the UK press of a plague of deadly mosquitoes lurking in the south. So lots to look forward to. I have been joined this evening my fellow past High  Sheriff of Suffolk Geoffrey Probert who arrived drenched from head to foot. Good start! We progress together for the next week or so starting with a ‘grande etape ‘ of 34 kilometres.

Keep blogging. Missing you all. ..

your friend and master


2 thoughts on “2 May

  • May 2, 2018 at 20:09

    Dear Jum am so impressed how far you have got and at least you are walking toward sunshine something a bit lacking here at the mo altho this weekend promises to be more like spring – we shall see after two mornings of a very hard frost in Northants anyway. As always envious of the walking and countryside seeing Love Sue

  • May 4, 2018 at 10:45

    Dear Jum,

    So pleased you are making good progress and new friends with both two and four legs on the way…. we absolutely loved our time in Ireland with you. What a wonderful spot, delicious food, lovely fellow guests and lots of laughter. Thank you for including us in such a happy party. Our final day was spent on Achill Island. I was slightly nervous at first as it was not entirely what I had in mind, except for a 16th pirate QUEEN’s castle!!!, but the far end is spectacular. The sun shone and we climbed a cliff to look out to Canada with crashing waves what looked like 100s of feet beneath us and yet another beautiful beach on the other side. It was the perfect end to a wonderful week.

    I hope the injury is not coursing you too much bother and the weather is kind. It is beautiful here today and there is promise of much more to come. We might even venture out to Scolt Head in the boat this weekend. Safe journey and much love from us both. Sara


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