24th February 2018

Dear Humphrey,

Some may wonder why I am writing to you. Well of course I know I can trust you to keep all my inner most thoughts to yourself! Just in case anyone else should read these letters, the bracketed comments are for those who are less familiar with family names etc. They will get used to them.

The preparations and the excitements continue. Since I last wrote I have had five wonderful days skiing in Austria and survived unscathed,  which is just as well as walking 1500 miles on crutches really would have been a challenge. I know you missed me and was hugely over excited to see me back!

Your ‘sister’ (non canine) Tocky (daughter) with  George FD arrived in Lermoos as a surprise to tell me they were engaged! Tor (wife) had insisted on staying at home to make sausage rolls for the Justice Service which happens next Sunday. When she heard the news she downed a bottle of champagne with Anne who was helping her and so goodness knows what the sausage rolls will taste like! Brother Tom then bought her a ticket and brought her out to Lermoos to join in the celebration. The engagement is wonderfully exciting news but it will mean I have a wedding to organise on the hoof literally! Talking of hooves, the orthotics which keep my feet straight have arrived and so I can now go out and buy the boots.

Help! It is now less than five weeks before I head off and the pressure is beginning to mount. The first four nights are now catered for through to Cambridge but beyond that it is still a bit of mystery. The campaign to raise the money for the cause is beginning to hot up. I have launch events in Lynn on 6th March and in Norwich on 7th March. Nick Conrad has invited me on to his Radio Norfolk show next week and on  20th March I have been invited to share my 6 Desert Island discs with Matthew Gudgin. I will let you know how it all goes.

Your friend and master

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