27 March

Dear Humphrey

This is the night before hand-over and my departure and full of mixed emotions. I say good bye to a wonderful year meeting so many lovely inspiring people but it is time for a change. Charles my successor has lots of new energy and ideas and that’s what makes the High Sheriff’s role so enduring  (1300 years).

I leave you and dear Tor behind for a while at least. You have no idea  what is in store nor why. She knows and knows why but it is not entirely enthusiastic. But if you watch this short video you will realise it’s all in a good cause. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKm0xiw4Bn4

Meanwhile Tom who comes with me has been checking his activity app on his IPhone . It is telling him to ‘sit less, move more, get some exercise! ‘ He thinks he has not got it set right! We will see what it says tomorrow evening!

Humphrey, if you will forgive me I will post tomorrow evening covering the departure but after that I will not bother you more than two or three times a week

your friend and master

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