29 April

Dear Humphrey

Having collected you from your kennel this morning and caused such huge excitement, I need now to explain my absence.

We had a wonderful week with friends in Connemara and Mum had a very happy birthday. The weather was great. Lots of sun, a fair amount of rain but it never got in the way. We did some walking, golfing , a little boating and lots of eating. So much so that I managed to put back on what I had lost in my three weeks walk across England.

Now I am at Portsmouth harbour and about to board the overnight ferry to St Malo. It is as cold down here as it was when I left you in Norfolk. I have to say leaving home and you all was not easy. I am going to miss you all but I am sure the time will fly by and I know Mum is going to be very busy with all the wedding plans and her history group.

I am a bit nervous about taking on this adventure. I have no idea where I will be staying for the next few nights. My guide indicates only camping sites in a number of places where the recommended day’s travel ends and so with no tent and no sleeping bag I might need a few tips from you on how to sleep on the ground and stay warm! I am going to miss my lovely bed.

Geoff Probert is joining me for a week on day three and I know he has been researching accommodation very wisely!

I am overwhelmed however with the support I am being given on social media for the cause and by the hugely generous donations. Big thanks to my friends at Ryston Park Golf Club, whom you know well and who are laying on some charity days in support.. no doubt delighted we are not cluttering up the course! Big thanks too to many others. They are all spurring me on and hopefully provide you with a good reason for letting me go.

So here’s hoping the sun shines,  the legs, knees and tendons behave themselves and a warm wind blows gently on my back!

‘A bientot’ my friend.

your friend and master


2 thoughts on “29 April

  • May 1, 2018 at 17:01

    Jum – are we able to see your route? I will scroll through my address book and see if we have any friends near to it – who can offer you a comfortable bed!?

  • May 1, 2018 at 17:03

    and was Geoff Probert’s nanny, Lucy Brighton by any chance?! If so – she came to the H-P’s for 14 years after she had got him potty-trained!!


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