31 March

Dear Humphrey

Reached Ely and a bit beyond. We have just spent a very comfortable and entertaining night with the Bishop, who took great pleasure ( at least he said he did) in cooking us a delicious dinner. We greeted us at the front door wearing a pint! We (Tom, Tocky(daughter) and I) looked like the genuine pilgrims bedraggled, soaked through and  quite weary.

But let me rewind a couple of days to the beginning. I promise not to go on too much as I know you get bored of a lot of writing but there is a bit to cover. Having handed over to Charles Watt as High Sheriff at the Town Hall in Lynn, we were given the best send off. Carol Bower the Mayor had turned out with all her mace bearers in full attire .. wonderful! Canon Chris Ivory was there to stamp the passport. Lots of friends and supporters including the West Norfolk Befrienders with a special placard. 5 hours later we got back to Daisy. Only one sharp storm and great walk down the Nar Valley seeing many familiar sights from a totally different perspective. My drive in to Lynn will never be the same!

It was lovely to see you and home. Your mistress  prepared a really delicious supper. But it was heartbreaking to have to say farewell to you the following morning and I am sorry we could not take you with us for the first day but we had to do a little trespassing and crossing electric fences ( which I know you don’t like) and also quite a trek down the A10 which was horrible. Big roads are not fun. One depressing fact was that we hardly covered a yard of the road without seeing a ghastly array of bottles, cans and plastic bottles. After all the news coverage and David Attenborough programmes how can we all care so little?

Our second night was spent with the wonderful Charlesworths and once again we were made so comfortable. Mum came over for dinner. Sadly Tocky was trapped on a train from London and unable to join us but she appeared the following morning to walk with us to Ely. We set off  in lovely sunshine with Annabel. I should not tell you but Brian had very kindly agreed to transfer our back packs to the Bishops house. It later proved obvious he had had a long conversation with Bishop Stephen who was fully briefed on our life’s history by the time we arrived.

This is going on a bit but just a couple more things. My physio Bob Wood suggested I collect a series of photographed images on the way and it occurred to me that Village signs were the answer as they all tell a story. We picked up some good ones in Southery Littleport and Ely. But the latter meant we had to go via the road to Ely rather than the river bank and once again we don’t liked roads.

The afternoon proved wet. very wet. Enough said. Tom had his waterproof trousers Tocky and I did not!

So about 44 miles done and 1456 to go!

take care of Mum!

your friend and master 😅


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