4th April

Dear Humphrey

Well we are now a week in to this journey and in surprisingly good shape. The joints only really ache in bed when they can quite painful. Once one gets going all is fine. No blisters and the knee which was originally a bit of a worry is holding up well. Let’s hope I am not speaking too soon but at least I am spared the ultimate embarrassment of falling at the first fence as we have now covered the first of ‘15’ hundreds! i.e 100 miles.

Today we head out from Tring and along the Ridgeway to somewhere south of Chinor. Since I last wrote from Ely we made Granchester on the Saturday staying very comfortably with Richard and Helen Pemberton and Easter Day we spent with Richard navigating us brilliantly around Royston to Clothall near Baldock. His skills were much missed the following day when we tried to find our way out of Baldock. Interestingly we spent so much time trying to do so that I was able to count 8 barber shops in the High St. Little wonder or perhaps surprising that it is called Bald ..ock!

Heading through the conurbations of Letchworth, around Luton and Dunstable we have had to walk along some unpleasant stretches of road leaping in to verges to avoid thundering lorries and white van men . All verges and hedgerows are covered mile after mile in piles of litter,. At one point I was nearly physically sick at the sight of it. It is utterly shameful and it is by no means confined to the big towns as we have seen it all the way along the route. We were supposed to be following the Icknield way but it is not easy either being poorly marked or exceedingly muddy.

We spent Monday night in Luton with Vinod and Jamaina Tailor and their lovely family. Vinod is just about to end his Shrievalty year in Bedfordshire. Their son had brewed his first barrel of beer which was delicious as was the curry he had prepared.  Tom and I slept ‘cosily’ in the same bed as had slept the Dalai Lama!

At the moment we are with Adrian and Mary Rose Cole and after two huge whiskies and some delicious red wine and a sumptuous dinner and in separate rooms I have slept very well!

We have been blessed with little or no rain, thanks to Bishop Stephen’s prayers,  and  friends’ wonderful hospitality. Meanwhile ‘back at the ranch’ Chrissy Lloyd Owen, Anna Kasket, Shelley Corfield have been managing the web site, the social media out put and plotting where I have been. Huge thanks to them for their generosity. Will you give them ‘a lick’ from me when you see them, Humphrey ?

i hear you have not been so well yourself. Your Mistress tells me you must have found something pretty horrible to eat. Do be careful what you pick up.

Enough for now. Onwards down the Ridgeway which we are hoping will be more scenic and drier under foot. Wishful thinking as far as the latter is concerned I fear.

Lots of love

Your friend and master.


5 thoughts on “4th April

  • April 4, 2018 at 22:31

    Jum- enjoying your blog. Well done. Will be v interested to read your next posting as I have done an event Race to the Stones on the Ridgeway for the last 4 years mid July.. start Lewknor just south of M40 to Avebury. 100k.

  • April 4, 2018 at 22:52

    Well done reaching the 100 mile mark James! A feat in itself 👍. Looking forward to more excerpts in the coming days and weeks from abroad ☺️

  • April 5, 2018 at 15:02

    Well you need to be congratulated – as after all the years I have known Adrian, I have not yet managed to prise from him the key to his ‘fine wine’ cellar!!

  • April 5, 2018 at 17:47

    Well done Jum the first 100 under your belt and I couldn’t agree more about the litter it’s quite disgusting and there’s so much of it…have just done a litter pick around our village and it took twice the amount of time! Need to raise the profile of this one. Enough of that at least france doesn’t have the same problem having walked a mere 6 miles this morn. Loving the blog Sue

  • April 6, 2018 at 19:39

    Well done James – the weather should be improving for you – I am looking forward to hearing further news from you as time goes by. Hope you continue to make a steady progress. God Speed!!
    Lovely to be able to share what you are seeing and feeling. Take care. Hilary


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