5 May

Dear Humphrey

I am exhausted! We had a very long hot walk today and it looks like we have another one tomorrow. I am with Geoff Probert now. Remember we went to stay with him in his lovely house in Suffolk and you ran off at the end of the day. Not an unfamiliar story!

GP joined me now three days ago and has been great company. He has been very helpful booking places to stay but we decided that the one he has booked for tomorrow is too far away and so I found one I thought was  little closer. He then cancelled his booking only for us to discover I had just booked us in to the same place! Such is our state at the moment.

My ankle has been much better or at least was until we entered a farm yard today and some large Labrador took objection and came for us causing me to jump out of his way. It is a bit sore as a result.

Otherwise we have been walking through some beautiful country quite a lot on little  roads with some excursions on to tracks. Yesterday we went most of the day on a disused railway track .. very easy walking and today was perhaps pay back time.

Anyway onwards we go. Hope all is well at home. Give my love to mum

your friend and very tired master

One thought on “5 May

  • May 6, 2018 at 20:33

    We are enjoying reading of your progress. Not being aware of your route and no chance at home to ask questions, we had not thought of this but we have an apartment that would be easy for you to access to make an overnight stay if you wished. It is in the beautiful village of Vouvant, just north of Fontenay Le Comte. Of course it may not be on your route but if it was we could easily make arrangements.
    With every good wish
    Nick and Cheryl Daubney


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