9th March

Dear Humphrey

You were’nt able to come to the launch I am afraid but I thought you would like to read a note of the account which one of the Young carers Lucy PenfoldĀ  gave and then may be you would understand better why I am going to be leaving you for three months. It is all in a really great cause and really important that we raise money to give these young carers a bit of a break..

“Being a young carer can be very stressful and get really hard because you want to hang out with your friends.

“You’ve also got school work and have to be at home all the time so you don’t feel like you can be a proper teenager.

“It’s really hard with my brother because his mental age is that of a toddler but he’s actually 9-years-old so he can be a handful.

“My dad can’t drive us to school all the time so sometimes I miss class or I’m late because I can’t get in.”

I am hoping to make arrangements to get these accounts videoed and put on the website so that you can see for your self

Your friend and master.

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