The Lockdown Challenge – Land’s End to John O’Groats


Set up in 2018, Walking4Norfolk was inspired by the 100,000 unpaid carers in Norfolk who provide unpaid support to ill, older or disabled family members, friends or partners. These unsung heroes are thought to save local authority and NHS services in Norfolk £500 million a year, but they face many challenges and can become isolated without support.

To celebrate these carers, former High Sheriff of Norfolk James Bagge decided to walk from his home in Stradsett to Santiago de Compostela. The walk raised £70,000 which has been distributed by Norfolk Community Foundation to help change carers’ lives.

James Bagge with young carers

Walking4Norfolk has now evolved to become a wider movement raising awareness and funds to support these amazing people in their invaluable, and often unrecognised and challenging, roles.

The funds are collected, managed and distributed by Norfolk Community Foundation to local voluntary organisations throughout the county who care for and support our carers.

Get involved today and lend your support to this deserving cause!

Donations to the Walking4Norfolk Lockdown Challenge Fund will go towards providing support for young carers during and after the coronavirus crisis.

James on foot to Santiago de Compostela