About us…

James Bagge founded Walking4Norfolk in 2018, inspired by the 100,000 unpaid carers in Norfolk who provide selfless support to ill, older or disabled family members, friends or partners. His fellow team members are Christopher Lloyd Owen, who is in charge of the Challenge coordination, and Anna Kasket, who manages design and publicity.

These ‘unsung heroes’ are thought to save local authority and NHS services in Norfolk £500 million a year, but they face many challenges and can become isolated without help. The money we raise funds projects run by a number of extraordinary local charities dedicated to alleviating the plight of Norfolk’s unpaid carers.

Walking4Norfolk, founded by James Bagge, raises funds for the Walking4Norfolk Fund for Unpaid Carers. Unpaid Carers are the devoted and selfless souls who care for their loved ones at home, saving the public purse hundreds of millions a year. They include the Young Carers (under 18), who are looking after a family member at the same time as pursuing their studies, juggling their caring duties with life as a child or teenager.

They receive nothing for this.

The Walking4Norfolk Fund is managed by the Norfolk Community Foundation (NCF) and provides grants to organisations offering projects to support Unpaid Carers, providing respite from their significant day-to-day caring commitments.



Background to the Challenge

We know charities have been having particularly difficult times raising funds during the pandemic, deprived of all the usual opportunities to raise profile and money. Likewise, businesses have found it increasingly difficult to build and motivate teams.

So let’s put 2020 behind us…

Last year, as a ‘Lockdown Challenge’, we undertook a ‘virtual’ walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats. In other words, we walked the miles but not the actual route. That’s ‘virtual’ for you!

Ten teams shared the burden of accumulating the 900+ miles. And we raised approximately £45,000 for four separate charities.

How to join us

Joining the W4N Challenge 2021 couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Fill out our Simple Signup form to let us know you would like to participate.
  2. Choose your charity or cause (if not already known).
  3. Form a team of five – they can be friends, work colleagues, fellow fundraisers and so on.
  4. Sign up via our Registration Form and send us the information we need.
  5. On 12th May 2021, start walking!
  6. You can walk your usual route, take your dog on a new walk, walk with your support bubble…
  7. Upload your daily total via our Challenge tracking page (a link will be provided).
  8. Watch the Challenge evolve on the website and social media, and feel very proud of yourselves for supporting a worthwhile cause and getting fit at the same time!
You can walk anywhere that is permitted, in line with current government regulations!

What will it cost?

W4N will not charge you an entrance fee but there are ways you can support our fundraising efforts.

We are inviting each team to donate 10% of their fundraising total to the Walking4Norfolk Fund for Unpaid Carers, once final amounts are in.

This is a voluntary contribution, but we hope that it will be viewed as a fair way for us to raise money for our own fund for Unpaid Carers.

In return, we are offering you the benefit of increased publicity for your charity or cause, a seamless system of tracking and tracing your combined mileage and, hopefully, increased fitness and stamina!

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