• Paris 2021

    Paris 2021

    Watch this space! Once our 2021 Challenge is underway, we will be updating you here with all the news, photos and stories. Best wishesWalking4Norfolk

  • Coast2Coast 2020

    Lockdown 2.0: Day 08

    Reggie’s travels are over at least so far as the Coast to Coast is concerned and we have been hugely entertained by his antics. We all love Reggie! But he cannot be allowed to detract from the stupendous performance of the three highly competitive teams who crossed the line today and arrived to cool their feet on the beach at Robin Hood Bay. If there need be a winner I think that has to go to Good Morning Vicar (Charlie and Caroline Barratt) who had only to complete 18 miles today and therefore must notionally have been first across the line given there were no ‘night riders’ as on the…

  • Coast2Coast 2020

    Lockdown 2.0: Day 04

    Last evening Good Morning Vicar now leading the Challenge arrived in Keld in the northern section of the Yorkshire Dales. Keld represents the approximate half-way marker along Wainwrights Way and is also on the junction with the Pennine Way running North South. I am reliably informed that the Vicar does not have compass and is therefore highly susceptible to map reading errors. True to form they do spend a lot of their time in churches and so it is expected they should know their East from the West but it remains to be seen therefore whether they know North from their Nouth and they leave Keld in the right direction.…

  • Coast2Coast 2020

    Lockdown 2.0: Day minus 1

    Here we go again. In the interests of sanity and general good health I have been persuaded to run another virtual challenge. Last time we went for Lands End to John O’Groats in teams of eight. This time in teams of two we take on Wainwright’s Coast to Coast from St Bees Head in Cumbria to Robin Hoods Bay on the North Yorkshire coast Mustering on the start line in preparation for departure on Monday morning are the following ‘runners and riders’.. The Dorset Dashers captained by last time’s ‘first across the line’ Nigel Hadden Paton now teamed up with his wife Bumble Winners on the fundraising side last time…

  • Coast2Coast 2020

    Lockdown 2.0: The Background!

    Walking4Norfolk Lockdown Challenge Part 2 Since we can do nothing else and in order to keep us sane and motivated, find yourself a partner and walk! We walked South to North Lands End to John O Groats in May. Now we are going to West to East  ‘Coast to Coast’:   St Bees Head to Robin Hood Bay – the great Wainwright walk 180 miles (90 miles each) Start Date: Monday 9th November In return for a voluntary contribution to Walking4Norfolk’s funds for Carers. W4N will ‘fire the starting gun’ and map your progress against other teams on a daily basis and declare a winner. You and your partner do not…

  • LEJOG 2020

    The Raising Post: Issue 13

    A Final Word Our Lockdown Challenge is now almost complete… One team is yet to make it to John O’Groats.. The PC Plodders started a day after us all, but continuing to fulfil their essential duties as Police Officers in our great county force while at the same time running /walking their share of the 938 miles. One of their number has a child to whom he donated a kidney and his other child is a young carer. That’s why they have refused the offer of any ‘supplementary’ miles from any of the rest of us. We applaud their commitment and effort and we will remain in John O’Groats until…

  • LEJOG 2020

    The Raising Post: Issue 12

    Day 19 It’s nearly all over, at least for most ! Two Cranks and the Chain Gang (and I will be glad when I no longer need to type all these unnecessarily long team names!) arrived promptly in J O’G yesterday. The first across the line quite comfortably, which illustrates how little I know about biking. They certainly won the biking race and while on the road produced a very classy performance of Ray Davies’s ‘Sunny Afternoon’ as part of the ‘Got Talent’ competition laid on by Tocky Fetherston-Dilke, captain of the QuaRunTeam, in an endeavour to slow the front runners up while they caught up. Summer Time in Lockdown…

  • LEJOG 2020

    The Raising Post: Issue 11

    Day 16 (or 17 for some) Just as… …the leading teams were preparing themselves for the final sprint to the line, with the walkers with 188 miles and the bikers with 388 miles to go, the leading teams received a ‘Traced and Tracked’ (or is it ‘Tracked and Traced?’) Notice from the Department of Health telling them that at the hotels they had been staying in overnight they had been in close proximity with another who was now exhibiting covid symptoms. They were therefore instructed to self-isolate for a day and not to walk or bike for the next twenty four hours. The back markers, namely the PC Plodders, Qua-Run…

  • LEJOG 2020

    The Raising Post: Issue 10

    The leading Walking teams should be reaching Fort William this evening. This area of Lochaber is strongly Clan Cameron country which probably explains why some have problems finding their way about as this is truly unfamiliar territory to Clan Abbott. Meanwhile, Clan Chipembere have been disseminating scandalous literature impugning the integrity of the editorship of this journal. As an open minded and totally impartial organisation, Walking4Norfolk will of course publish this (see below), but with a Twitter warning as to its factual accuracy…. We are also pleased to publish an account (also below) of the one who got left behind. Kit Hesketh Harvey had to remain in Cornwall for reasons…

  • LEJOG 2020

    The Raising Post: Issue 9

    As the leading teams head up towards the Clyde and the Erskine Bridge, five teams run head to head. The weather remains fine and so there is little to test the resolve. However, it is possible that concentration is beginning to wane. Requests have been submitted to allow biking rather than walking in order to provide variety and alleviate boredom. But where would that end, if allowed? Participants might then resort to arguments about the reasonable exercise of discretion in exceptional cases and then climb into mechanised forms of transport in order to check their eyesight. No! Despite accusations of behaving like the Führer, this Challenge referee remains firm in…