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We ❤️ this illustration of our Magdalen Street shop! Local artist and architectural student Olivia Jane created this illustration of our Big C shop in Norwich. Olivia has a passion for architectural painting and urban sketching and has created several illustrations of infamous buildings in the City of Stories. Check out more of Olivia’s work on her website:

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Every year more than 8000 people in Norfolk and Waveney are told the news that they have cancer, and many more are living with the effects every day. Since 1980 Big C has been dedicated to the fight against cancer and today we help the thousands of people affected, across our county, while working to improve future outcomes. Our work focuses on four key areas – supporting people affected by cancer, funding world-class local research into cancer, providing vital medical equipment and facilities in the county’s main hospitals and educating local people about cancer for the future.

Walking4Norfolk is proud to support Big C!