Paris 2021


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Two more teams make it to Yvette’s Café in the shadow of Notre-Dame and are enjoying a carafe or two of her finest wine.

Well done to the Rotary Ramblers for the King’s Lynn Rotary Club Benevolent Fund; and to Scrambled Legs, the last of the three teams from The Garage Trust. They must have a formidable trainer. I know that the Rotary Club team have a real walking pro in their midst as he (Derek) has joined us on a previous W4N walk.

To have completed this journey in the time that these teams have either shows real commitment. We are all learning how hard it is to commit to big mileages every day, especially if you have a job to do as well. So I congratulate everyone out on the road every day, making a contribution to their team’s total. However, I find – as others tell me as well – that the discipline of having to go out and do the miles is perversely rewarding; and one finds new routes, new places and even on occasions bumps into another. This morning, Tor (Tor de Force) and I were out on some random road in the middle of West Norfolk and met a lady walking in the opposite direction who asked whether we were Walking4Norfolk. When we admitted to this, she told us she was a Hungry Hippo!

Weather has been challenging. It is always so beautiful at 5.30am but foolishly, I turn over and go back to sleep. Others of you I have seen take full advantage of those special hours of the day.

Yvette is looking forward to more teams arriving over the next few days. I have an idea, however, to keep you all interested. Watch this space!

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