Paris 2021


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End of Day Five and we now have eight teams having cleared immigration and are in France. The DoubleR NR are way through Amiens and in sight of Paris.

In addition to posting some emotive blogs, they are each averaging more than 12 miles a day and as a team, they are 70 miles ahead of the second team!

35 miles separate the next seven teams. The Rotary Ramblers had a busy day moving in to second place, the Hospice Hikers slipped back to fifth place, and the Norfolk Blood Hikers covered 56 miles to move into fourth place. The Red Hot Chilli Steppers stay just ahead of them in third place but only five miles separate them. All to play for, if you are competitive.

Less competitive are about five teams who are still to leave Norfolk. Clearly the ties that bind are very strong. The message from the front to those at the back is that it is just fine: Suffolk is bearable, they are not charging us on the Dartford Crossing, the Channel is not too cold and the French are surprisingly friendly. Averaging about four miles a day means that we should get the last team across the line in September, in time perhaps for Norwich City’s first home game!

In the middle, Tor de Force had a good day, moving up three places. The Hungry Hippos obviously stopped for a large Sunday lunch but I am pleased to report that there are no teams missing. YANA never Walk Alone appear to have had a day off and have fallen back six places. The Purfleet Pacers also had a quiet day.

Photograph of the Day is below:

Keep Walking4Norfolk


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