Paris 2021


Watch our Day Four video

This is not a race but if it were, it would be something of a one-horse one as The Double R NR (as I now prefer to call them) are only 133 miles short of Notre-Dame and, as I write this (end of Day Five), at their current rate will be almost in sight of Paris.

That said, they have had time to post a couple of very motivating videos. Well done the Double R NR!

Moving fast up the field in to second place are the Hospice Hikers who must have done quite a distance yesterday, overtaking the Blood Hikers and the Red Hot Chilli Steppers. Last evening they were perched on the White Cliffs and must now be through the Channel and in to France. I am impressed by Walking Through the Gate (for the Norfolk Community Chaplaincy). They, with the TMP Trekkers and the Midwich Marchers, are in sight of the coast, with the Late Entrants a few miles behind.

The Getaway Girls (for Big C) are in 18th plac

The Getaway Girls (for Big C Cancer Charity) are in 18th place, having covered just over 100 miles. YesYesYes (for Norfolk and Waveney Mind) are in 24th and not far behind Blossom Creep at the 76-mile marker and well behind their sister team Blossom Leap who are at the 130-mile marker. There is time still for the Tortoise to catch the Hare… plenty of it!

Making slow but steady progress are the clever ones: Mind Over Miles (for Norfolk and Waveney Mind), the Purfleet Pacers (for the Purfleet Trust) and the HR Hikers (also for NW Mind), as they are giving their supporters plenty of time to find their wallets and purses!

Photograph of the Day (below, Walk Diss Way) and Andy Bullen’s (Ouse Valley Walker) hats are attracting a lot of attention.

We hope there are many more to come.

Keep Walking4Norfolk everyone!


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