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Two teams (the Hospice Hikers and the Late Entrants) were within striking distance of N-D last night but I have yet to hear they have crossed the line; and so I have to conclude that the weather in Austria where almost all of the Late Entrants are walking is as bad as it is in Norfolk…and the Hospice Hikers have been ‘delayed’.

Our Steward and mapping expert has observed that the cumulative total walked by everyone, at 7700 miles, would take us in a westerly direction from Norwich to the western end of Alaska and in an easterly direction to the north-eastern tip of Russia; meaning the two could probably shake hands across the Baring Straight.

Never mind the weather! In the words of Winston Churchill, we should just keep going – or at least, that is the polite way of putting it! And now I will don my wet suit and boots and head off into the storm…

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