Paris 2021


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Spurred on by the motivational oration of our High Sheriff (borrowing extensively from the Bard), and fast out of the gate, are The Rapid Referral Network Ramblers for The Garage Trust. By the time you have said their name, they were in Southwold! Other high performing teams on Day One all belong to the Garage Trust – a competitive lot they are!! – Scrambled Legs and The Red Hot Chilli Steppers. Only the Norfolk Blood Hikers having covered 53 miles have stayed with them.

We few, we happy few, we band of walkers;
For they today that shed their sweat with me 
Shall be my fellow; be they ne'er so fit,
This day shall fashion their condition;
And those in Norfolk now a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
And hold their conscience cheap whiles any speaks 
That walked with us to Notre-Dame.

At the back, some teams have yet to start or at least find the way to register their miles and so we can expect some giant leaps forward when they find the right button. But taking their time are YANA Never Walk Alone (for YANA) and the Purfleet Pacers (for The Purfleet Trust).

The Purfleet look after the homeless in Lynn and, along with a number of other charities represented, their teams are made up of a number of those they help and who would never have been involved in such a challenge otherwise. That makes this whole exercise so worthwhile.

The main pack are spread out between the 20 and 30 mile marker and spent the night somewhere between Attleborough and Barningham. Interestingly, at 11.6 miles from the Cathedral, the Norfolk Constabulary with the Stradsett Strollers look as though they were very close to the Police Headquarters and so must have spent a comfortable night in the Police Investigation Centre!

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