Paris 2021


Watch our Day Seven video

The Red Hot Chilli Steppers have now also arrived. The second of the Garage Teams and obviously a fine ‘stable’ with a good trainer.

Their third team, Scrambled Legs, is now desperate to make it a ‘one, two, three’ for The Garage as one of their sponsors has a big bet (donation) on this!

Will the Rotary Ramblers or the Norfolk Blood Hikers allow this or will they make up the difference if they don’t! At the last look on the leaderboard the RRs had a 27 mile advantage and the Blood Hikers were just 3 miles behind. Yvette is standing by for a photo finish and Anna is busy preparing the digital welcome!

The author has just returned from a walk around Lynn with Mike Taylor of the Collaborative Bridge team. They are walking for the Bridge for Heroes charity based in Lynn and caring for retired servicemen and women and their families, who have been suffering the effects of mental trauma. They have been hugely active throughout the pandemic, equipping themselves with highest quality PPE. In turn, this enables them to continue to visit their clients in dire need and as far afield as Kent, where no other operatives in this care sector were sufficiently equipped to go. It is no surprise that he and his team have been recently awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. It is a real credit to themthey are still very much in business and growing when other service charities in the area are either closing or struggling.

Yesterday I said it was Day Seven when in fact it was Day Six. Frankly, with running this with Anna and Chrissie and walking a distance every day (today 18 miles so far), I don’t know whether it is Christmas or Easter!

I hope you are all having fun either doing the walking or just observing from a distance. Good parties don’t go on for ever and the best ones have a stop point; and so I am thinking we should call a halt to this challenge on Bank Holiday Monday. But to ensure all teams get to Notre-Dame by then, I am going to make some changes to the rules. Watch This Space but Keep walking in the meantime!

Keep Walking4Norfolk


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