Paris 2021


Watch our Day Six video

As I write this, news has reached me from Paris that the DoubleR NR have made it to Notre-Dame! What an amazing effort and for such a great cause. Congratulations to all!

They must have been in training for this but whatever, to do this in under one week is hugely impressive.

We seem to have missed Day Six somehow but since tomorrow is Wednesday and we started on a Wednesday it must now be Day Seven.

The weather has got colder and the gaps between the showers less. No wonder the cuckoos are keeping quiet, particularly since the Chief C threatened to lock them up. Since we are talking about him, the Norfolk Constabulary (for Nelson’s Journey) are now being pursued by the Getaway Girls which seems to me to be something of a role reversal, but then nothing is unexpected in this challenge! We might even see the Ouse Valley Walkers wearing a police helmet – and now there is a real challenge!

Our Steward informed me last night that the current cumulative total of all teams is standing at 5000 miles, all walked in aid of Norfolk Charities.

Great effort, everyone!

Keep Walking4Norfolk


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