Paris 2021


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Since I last reported, Tor De Force has reappeared after going AWOL and has completed the journey; as have The Blossom Leap, Collaborative Bridge, Walking through the Gate and the Sheringham Strollers. When the Constabulary heard Walking through the Gate had done just that, they did a blue light run and covered some 51 miles in the day to investigate the event – but they still have 80 miles to go. On their tail are the Getaway Girls, followed by the Hungry Hippos, all under one hundred miles from Notre-Dame.

Others are making steady but slowish progress. The rear markers are the Little Discoverers Teams who no doubt have a full-on day job looking after those in their care, on whose behalf they are making such a generous effort to raise money. Let’s hope that over the time they take they attract lots of support.

I am walking with the Purfleet Pacers tomorrow and look forward to having a long chat with them. My team are planning one last walk tomorrow, to the King’s Arms in Shouldham, to complete our virtual journey to ND and enjoy Yvette and Pierreā€™s virtual hospitality. We shall also deliver that oak log we have been carrying to the restoration team at ND. Huzzah!

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The Strollers at Amiens!

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