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At the end of day three, the Rapid Referral Network Ramblers (why do the leaders have to have such a long name?!) are perched on top of the white cliffs of Dover, which represents quite astonishing progress. However, they have just released a photograph of two large beautiful chocolate labs with what looks like a mobile attached to their collars. All I can say is that I hope the dogs talk French!

The Red Hot Chilli Steppers and the Norfolk Blood Hikers are in second and third place near Maidstone, some 60 miles behind.

I am very worried about four teams who have yet to leave Norwich. The Steward is looking into what is happening there, although we know the Young Carers from Great Yarmouth will be late starters, as they are currently at school!
Most of the rest of the teams are spread between the 120-mile marker just south of the Thames and the 35-mile marker just south of the A143, near Bury.

YANA Never Walk Alone have put on a tremendous spurt overnight or have just learned how to record their mileage. The Hungry Hippos are now chasing Tor De Force with the Getaway Girls (for Big C Cancer Charity) and The Blossom Leap just ahead of the Late Entrants, who combine walking with either climbing mountains in Austria or picking litter in Lincolnshire. The Blossom Leap are all in and around Chelmsford.

The Natural Wanderers (for EACH) have reached the 50-mile marker but have had time for a swim, presumably hoping to gain ‘ground’ in the Channel.

Dogs abound and the photograph of the day goes to the Sheringham Strollers, currently at the 90-mile marker, south of the A12.

The weather has so far been kind to most, although I understand that those walking in London got very wet. As I write on day four, it is somewhat damp although good up on the North Norfolk Coast.

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