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It is Monday afternoon as I write this.

Legs Misérables, Striding for St Martins and The Midwich Marchers are all in a crowded café being well attended to by Yvette and Pierre. And even as I write this and look back at the Leaderboard, it looks like the Rotary Ramblers have returned and The Ouse Valley Walkers have also arrived. There is obviously quite a party going on there.

I look back at the Leaderboard and find my wife Tor and her team Tor de Force have now disappeared. I am hoping the Norfolk Constabulary will be out looking for them, although they still have a way to go.

The Blossom Leap are not far away and Walking Through the Gate are about to! In 16th and 17th place – and about 60 miles out – are the Sheringham Strollers and the Stradsett Strollers. There must be something about ‘strolling’ and the constancy of the speed they travel. Whereas Rambler teams are far more erratic.

Heavy downpours today. I hope no-one got badly caught.

Some impressive figures coming in on the fundraising front. Well done to you all and huge thanks to all the donors – but do not let me put off any others who are poised to support their favourite cause. Their teams deserve it, as it has been hard work but fun and motivating; indeed, so much so that the Midwich Marchers have said they are going to walk back to Norwich.

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