Paris 2021


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The weather holds good at least for those of us in Norfolk. It might be different for those in Tor de Force (supporting NCF Walking4Norfolk Fund) in California or Montana; or for the Late Entrants in Austria. Just remember, though, they have to climb mountains to walk anywhere!

The Stradsett Strollers (for Swan Youth Project) played their ‘get of Jail free’ card and were released from the cells at the Police Headquarters in Wymondham to reach Barningham.

Dangerously close behind them are the Hungry Hippos (for EAAA) followed by the St George’s Gang (for St George’s Theatre Trust) in hot pursuit (St George ? and a latter day dragon?) and the Norfolk Constabulary there to see fair play.

Modest, almost gentlemanly progress being undertaken by Minding the Shop (for Norfolk & Waveney Mind) and the Rolling Pins (for The Benjamin Foundation) and others, including Walk Diss Way (Also NWM). I am thinking the latter may have been deploying some subterfuge tactics, conning teams to go the wrong way!

Some teams have yet to leave the Cathedral but I won’t name them!

HOWEVER out in the front, covering an obscene 64 miles a day, are The Rapid Referral Network Ramblers (for The Garage Trust). They may get to the coast before the ferry is built and launched!

Other strong performers not previously mentioned are the Hospice Hikers (for The Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House) and the Rotary Ramblers (for the King’s Lynn Rotary Club).

We have received some wonderful photographic evidence of the teams’ progress. Thank you for those.

Day Three, and the author is yet to get out and do his mileage – and so you will forgive me if I have not mentioned everyone.

Keep Walking4Norfolk!


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