Paris 2021


Watch the Finale!

Three days of sunshine and five more teams cross the line: Blossom Creep, R13 Ramblers, the Getaway Girls just in front of the Hungry Hippos with the Norfolk Constabulary close on their rather large heels. It looks like the St George’s Gang will arrive today and then we will have had 25 teams reach Notre-Dame with just 15 still en route before the finishing banner is brought down and the crowd barriers removed. Rest assured that Yvette and Pierre will keep the bistro open and the wine flowing for those finishing whenever.

What a three weeks this has been! We have seen Ramblers, Steppers, Hikers and Trekkers, Marchers and Striders, Leapers and Creepers. Stollers and Wanderers, Pacers and Plodders all make it to Paris. The Discoverers, led by Walk Diss Way, not surprisingly are still finding their way. Minding the Shop have been doing just that, rather than walking. Mind over Miles have found it too intellectually stimulating to allow it all to end and the Rolling Pins have been engaged on a gastronomic tour of Kent; Heaven only knows what will become of them when they get to France.

All eyes will soon turn back to Norwich when the Young Carers of Great Yarmouth and Gorleston set out on their virtual journey and show us how to do it. From 8th June on a series of evenings throughout the month, in numbers on Marina Parade in Gorleston, they will accumulate the miles to cover the virtual route to Notre-Dame. Will they overtake any of the backmarkers? Follow them on the Map and Leaderboard.

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