Paris 2021


Watch our Day Sixteen video, featuring the Purfleet Pacers

Crossing the line on Thursday 27th May were the Stradsett Strollers (yours truly) and the Natural Wanderers. Both their team names promised a more casual approach and both delivered! The Strollers have been able to off their oak log and it was well received by the architects, Norfolk timber being of course of exceptional quality.

As part of my contribution to our final leg I spent the afternoon with the Purfleet Pacers and what an eye opener that was to the wonderful work the Trust is doing in Lynn and the very positive impact it is having on the lives of their clients. Jason, Jerry and Stuart, all past or present clients, spoke movingly of this being their chance to give something back to an organisation who had rescued them from personal crises. It really made all the effort which we have put in to this exercise so worthwhile.

My next blog will be the last for this challenge….and there are so many more stories of successful outcomes to record. I look forward to hearing from you all.

To all those still on the road…

…Keep Walking4Norfolk!


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