Frequently Asked Questions…

About Walking4Norfolk

What is Walking4Norfolk?

Walking4Norfolk, founded by James Bagge, raises funds for the Walking4Norfolk Fund for Unpaid Carers.

Unpaid Carers are the devoted and selfless souls who care for their loved ones at home saving the public purse hundreds of millions a year. They include the Young Carers (under 18) who are looking after a family member at the same time as pursuing their studies juggling their caring duties with life as a child or teenager. They receive nothing for this.

The Fund is managed by the Norfolk Community Foundation and provides grants to organisations offering projects to support these Unpaid Carers and providing respite from their significant day-to-day caring commitments.. The Fund is managed by the Norfolk Community Foundation and provides grants to organisations offering projects that will support these Unpaid Carers and providing respite from their significant day-to-day caring commitments.

More information about the Walking4Norfolk Fund, managed by the Norfolk Community Foundation (opens in a new window)

Is Walking4Norfolk a charity?

No, but it is a discrete fund operating within the umbrella of the Norfolk Community Foundation and distributes its funds to charitable organisations and voluntary groups who support Unpaid Carers, including Young Carers, in Norfolk.

About the Challenge

What do you mean by walking ‘virtually’ from Norwich to Notre-Dame?

Good question! You don’t actually walk from Norwich to Notre-Dame. Rather, with the members of your team undertaking a little more than their daily walking routine, you add up and submit your team’s total daily mileage. Submit that to us and see your team’s pin advance along the virtual route published daily on our website. Walking around the kitchen or garden does not count. Each walk must be at least a mile, but you can do as many separate walks in a day as you like. A round of golf does count.

Do we have to be in Norfolk?

No. Team members can be anywhere in the world! We have had teams comprising some members in Australia and Austria; Zimbabwe and Dorset. If when recruiting team members they say, ‘I would love to, but I’m going to be on holiday,’ you can reply, ‘Perfect, then you’ll have plenty of spare time to walk some miles every day!’

When does the challenge start?

12th May 2021

Where does it start from?

Anywhere you or your team members happen to be!

When does it finish?

When your team pin gets to Notre-Dame on our map.

What is the total walking distance between Norwich and Notre-Dame?

375 miles

How long will this challenge last?

As long as your team takes to accumulate 375 miles. If each member of the team averages 6 miles a day (about 2.5 hours walking, approx), you will be there within 13 days.

How do we record mileage?

If you want/ need to be able to evidence your mileage (i.e. if your sponsors require it, or you might think you want to win this challenge and we need to see it), then use an app such as Strava (free for one month) or MapMyWalk. If you’re happy to let your conscience dictate, then one hour’s walking equals 2.4 miles; but don’t expect to win this challenge! (Golfers do considerably less!)

You should report daily to your team Captain as early as you can, and at the latest by 9pm, if you want to see your flag updated accurately every day on the website.

And remember, we are working in miles, not kilometres!

How do we know how we’re doing?

Check out the Leaderboard which will go live shortly before the start of the Challenge.

Joining In

Are you charging an entrance fee?


W4N will not charge you an entrance fee. However, we are inviting each team to donate 10% of their fundraising total to the Walking4Norfolk Fund for Unpaid Carers, once final amounts are in. This is a voluntary contribution, but we hope that it will be viewed as a fair way for us to raise money for our own fund for Unpaid Carers. In return, we are offering you the benefit of increased publicity for your charity or cause, a seamless system of tracking and tracing your combined mileage and, hopefully, increased fitness and stamina!

Can I enter one or more teams as a non participant?

Yes, of course, if you can find five others to do the walking for you! You should first sign up as the Team Captain with all the necessary info, including your email and contact mobile number, so we can send you all the details. When you have got your team together, you can Register via our online Registration Form, entering yourself as the point of contact and listing your walking team in the appropriate boxes. You will then become the person responsible for entering the team’s daily mileage and relaying all the information and instructions which we will communicate to the Team Captains via a dedicated WhatsApp group.


Do we have to walk for Norfolk charities?

No, but we would prefer it if you do. Walking4Norfolk is about just that. This is principally a Norfolk event and if external or national charities want to be involved, then we would expect to be offered 10% of the funds they raise.

Can we run a team for your W4N Fund?

Yes, please do! Let us know and we will look after you! Your supporters will be able to make donations to Walking4Norfolk via our website and social media channels but if you would like to track the donations made specifically as a result of your team’s efforts, then we recommend you set up your own fundraising page for the Norfolk Community Foundation’s Walking4Norfolk Fund, which we will link to on your Team Page on our website. We can help you with this – just ask!

Can you help us with fundraising?

We can (1) assist you with setting up a fundraising platform such as Just Giving or Virgin Giving and (2) offer you the opportunity to post the link to your fundraising platform on our website. It will appear on your Team Page. We will also endeavour to promote the whole challenge on social media and local outlets, and encourage listeners to visit the website and find their favoured cause.

How do we raise funds?

Through sponsorship from family, friends and work colleagues. The wider we can all spread the net and the word the more Norfolk causes will benefit.


Is there more to this than just doing the mileage?

That is entirely up individual teams, but we say yes and encourage lots of interaction between teams. We have found those taking part and their supporters like to see what others are up to and enjoy their posts.

What if we would prefer not to have publicity?

On the registration form you are asked to tell us whether you give your permission for us to share your materials and progress in the Challenge. We can assure you that information you do not wish to be made public will not be displayed on the website, social media posts or any broadcast media taking up our story. It is up to you how much information you wish to share – get in touch to discuss this with us.

The Future

What plans for the future?

Lets just see how this goes! But if you are interested in being kept informed tick the box on the registration form or lets us know after the event . We have been made aware of the longest walk in the world (no boats or air journeys involved) from Capetown to Magdan (Russia) which is 17350 miles long! Who knows?!