Hospice Hikers

Team Members:

Bee Hopkins
Caroline Symington
Caroline MacKinnon
Victoria Arrowsmith
Felicity Lyons

About Us

The Hospice Hikers, led by chair of Trustees Felicity Lyons, along with her trusty team of Bee Hopkins, Caroline Symington, Caroline MacKinnon and Victoria Arrowsmith are the ones to watch on Walking4Norfolk’s Challenge 2021, to cover the distance from Norwich Cathedral to Notre Dame.

This fabulous five could be the dark horse or the odds on favourite as we see them set off on 12th May to combine their walking distances to get from Norfolk to Paris.

Please support these hopeful hikers (and their dogs!) raise money for The Norfolk Hospice Tapping House. Your support will mean so much and push them on every step of the way.

About Our Charity

The Norfolk Hospice Tapping House

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Here at The Norfolk Hospice Tapping House, we know that a life-shortening illness doesn’t just affect the one person – it affects everyone around them too. We offer support, care and advice to patients over the age of 18, their carers and families through all stages of their illness.

Our services cost over £2.5million each year to run. As a registered charity, we receive only 29% of our funding from the NHS and the remainder comes from people just like you.

The past year has been challenging for all of us but Tapping House has survived through the incredible commitment of our staff and the enduring generosity of our community and our loyal supporters.

We need your help more than ever so that we can continue to provide our crucial services to those who need them. Our work is invaluable to the 1,200+ families we support each year.

International Women’s Day 2021: We are proud to have a long line of exceptional women in The Norfolk Hospice Tapping House family.
Today and every day we celebrate all of the wonderful women in our lives. 🌟

Good Luck, Hospice Hikers!