*We’ve made up some teams so you can see how this will work.

Watch this space – we go live on May 12!

The teams will be tracked daily and their mileages will appear on the chart below. You will be able to see your progress and who is catching up!

The Leaderboard shows the teams and their total mileage to date. As team captains enter the daily mileage on a spreadsheet, our system picks that up and updates the Leaderboard automatically.
Click or tap on a team name to go to the team page.
Click or tap on “Map” to open a new page and the most recent “checkpoint” for that team.
And if you refresh this page, it might just have changed!


Select a pin to see that team’s progress.

We will update the map at around 10pm daily. There are approx 40 checkpoints along the way, which mark out the route, and teams can be found at the most recent checkpoint they have reached. More than one team can of course be located at a single checkpoint; for more accurate mileage and progress, see the the Leaderboard.
Click or tap the map to zoom in or out.
Click or tap a team pin to see their progress.
Click or tap the icon top left to open the map legend.
Click or tap the icon top right to open the map in a new page