Past Challenges,  Santiago 2018

Letter from Galicia

Dear Humphrey

This morning I passed the 100 kilometre marker!

60 miles to go!

This means I only have to cover the equivalent of a walk  to Yarmouth to finish the journey! …passing the Norfolk Show on the way through!

It has been hot and hard walking but early in the morning and before the sun takes hold, quite beautiful. My wonderful friend Nigel HP joined me in Pontferrada and we had a great three days together covering many topics of conversation and reminding our selves of some of the less religious songs of our army days. Of course it was he who remembered most of the lyrics!

Somewhere I picked up a cold en route. Little wonder sharing dormitories with so many strangers! This did not make climbing the steep ascent to O’Cebreiro, one of the higher points on the route any easier. This was where I said goodbye to Nigel.

A grateful couple

We did bump into a lovely Spanish couple who were finding the journey quite a challenge. Asked why they were doing the Camino as it did not seem to be their idea of good fun, they explained they had had to wait a while for their first child to arrive and they just wanted to say thank you.

And so onwards to Santiago..

Keep those donations pouring in. Thank you all so much for your support. It means a lot to me but a whole lot more to the Carers.

with love from

your friend and master

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