Mind Over Miles

Team Members:

Mark Taylor
Jack Flesher
Tanita Russell
Alister Smith
Mel Smith-Kerry

About Us

We are a selection of employees from across the team at InvisionUK.

Mark Taylor is our commercial director so we dragged him into this to lead the way! Plus he is a regular runner so will be a great help in hitting target.

Mel Smith-Kerry is a serial organiser and exercise enthusiast so got delegated the role of team captain.

Tanita will easily rack up the steps as she doesn’t drive, has a young daughter to chase around after and is on a fitness journey.

Jack has the body of a temple, vegan and a keen exerciser. Plus he’s the youngest of our team so full of energy!

Alister is a go getter so he wont let this challenge escape us. I’m sure he will crack the whip!

About Our Charity

Norfolk and Waveney Mind

Visit the Website

Norfolk and Waveney Mind is a charity that we have supported as a business for over 2 years, we feel it is now more important than ever to support mental health as the many thousands of people who are struggling to get the help they need.

Good Luck, Mind Over Miles!