Paris 2021

Norwich to Notre-Dame

It is now just one month until we fire the starting gun and so it is time for the first Blog.

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris

What should we call it? Last year it was The Raising Post. Suggestions, please, ‘on the back of an envelope’ containing a large donation to the Walking4Norfolk Fund!

Walking4Norfolk raised £62,000 in 2018

after James Bagge walked 1500 miles from King’s Lynn to Santiago de Compostela

Currently, 17 teams have registered, representing 12 separate charities, which is GREAT! More are registering, but let’s hope for lots more than that. The greater the number of teams and the more various causes we can attract, the more likely we will be to attract mainstream media coverage, which will be good for all. It is as much about getting publicity for and awareness of what charitable groups are doing in Norfolk as it is about raising money. The money will follow the publicity. Look at Captain Tom!

Reggie ❤️

We already have a wonderfully eclectic line up, representing youth projects, care for the sick, faith groups, health service providers, theatre groups and housing trusts. We are getting some creative team titles: “Legs Miserables”, “The Red Hot Chilli Steppers”, “Walk Diss Way”, “YesYesYes” and the “Scrambled Legs” – well, they might well be, by the time they get to Paris! -and some hilarious team photographs and descriptions.

Check out Legs Misérables, walking for St Martins Housing Trust which offers emergency direct access accommodation, residential care, support and development to enable everyone to achieve their full potential and a greater level of independence. I am not sure how those woolly hats will look on the Champs-Elysées!

Check out The Rapid Referral Network Ramblers walking for the The Garage Trust and raising money to support bursaries for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and challenging circumstances to have the costs of their programme covered in order to participate in Dance, Music or Theatre classes and course at either The Garage, Norwich or The Workshop, King’s Lynn.

Check out the Norfolk Blood Hikers walking for Norfolk Blood Bikes. They have been doing incredible work during the pandemic, not only transporting blood and plasma around the county saving lives every day but also Covid test results, ensuring the time lapse is minimised and critical health workers can get back to saving lives as quickly as possible – and they are ALL volunteers signing on after they have finished the day job. But if they think they are going to make use of those bikes on this challenge I know the Steward will be after them!

The Steward taking matters very seriously

This is such a wonderful opportunity to shine a light on all the wonderful work which is being done by volunteers and charity workers across the county. If you think so too, then get a team together, select your cause and get involved! It ticks all the boxes. Fresh air, exercise, discovering Norfolk, promoting a good cause and above all, mental well-being after a long lockdown.

This blog will endeavour to cover all the participating charities and teams and share amongst ourselves the photographs and stories as we go along.

Let’s have some fun!

Jum Bagge

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