The Blossom Creep

Team Members:

Justine Johnston
Bridget McIntyre
Amanda Church
Michelle Auckland
Suzy Tonkins
Alan Sutherland

About Us

Team Creep – we have the founder of the charity, Bridget McIntyre (High Sheriff of Suffolk until April 2021); the stylist and makeover lady Amanda Church; and then we have me, Justine Johnston. I’ve been through the Blossom Programme, am currently on the Bloomers Programme and I’m also the accounts lady! Joining us are Michelle, lover of makeover days, supporter of me and any fundraising I ask her to help with (we’ve known each other for over 40 years) and Suzy, a matron in the NHS, another lover of makeover days and a fitness fanatic (will be training for a half marathon whilst walking4norfolk).

About Our Charity

The Blossom Charity

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The Blossom Charity’s charitable purpose is to support people in the East Anglia region who are wanting to make changes in their lives which leads to long lasting change and difference. They work with women and men who face personal, financial, location and other barriers and offer them opportunities to build their confidence and skills; to be the best they can be.

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Good Luck, The Blossom Creep!

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