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Virtual “LEJOG”

Young Carers who are looking after sick and vulnerable parents or siblings are having a particularly tough time during the Lockdown.

It is bad enough now when all school children are deprived of school and the young carers are denied the opportunity of mixing with friends – a much needed break and source of support. But just imagine for one moment what it will be like for those young carers who may not be able to go back to school with their friends because they are living with and screening particularly vulnerable members of their family. Or for those young carers who now find themselves considerably behind their peers in terms of their education.

The Lockdown Challenge is here to raise the profile of their plight, acknowledge the amazing sacrifice they make at all times and raise some money to fund their support groups help them through these hard times and beyond.

What then is the challenge? A Virtual “LEJOG”!

Teams of walkers and bikers will complete the arduous 938 mile journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats VIRTUALLY!

Walking/Running teams of eight will add up the miles each of them does during their daily exercise routine … keeping strictly within acceptable current limits and the total distance covered will then be marked up along a predefined route and broadcast daily on a web based map. As a team they will be restricted to a maximum mileage of 50 miles a day. They start on 15th May.

Lockdown Challenge Route

The Bikers will be teams of 5 and they will start on 24th May to chase down the Walkers! They will be restricted to a total of 100 miles a day.

Who will win? A Tortoise or a Hare?  Watch this space on social media and if you are moved by the cause or amused by the competition please Donate! Any amount will help.

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