The Lockdown Challenge

Start Date for the Walkers: 15th May

Start Date for the Bikers:     24th May

13th May 2020.

This is the Lockdown Challenge of all Challenges. Seven teams on foot, each of eight ‘exceptional’ athletes are now arriving ‘virtually’ at the start line at Land’s End. Their destination is John O’Groats. Eighteen days of tough competition made all the more intense by the departure on 24th May of  two teams of cyclists who will be striving to chase down the foot weary teams as they battle North.

There is Erika from Austria running for the Tea Bag Stable. It is said she is strong on challenging ground and will run well in Scotland.

Contemplative Ben of the Two Legged Tortoise team is determined. He is driven by the thought that ‘it is the courage to continue which counts’ and it is hoped that he will still believe this when he meets his Scottish cousin Nevis

The QuaRun Team has amongst their impressive number Julian Harvie . ‘Run for the money, walk for the show, stretch to get ready, now go cat go’ One to be watched we think.

Emphasising the international element of the competition Major Nigel Hadden-Paton ex Household Cavalry leads a predominantly Zimbabwean team running for a local animal welfare cause. ‘Is it not strange how all these cavalry officers end up dismounting and using their own two feet?’ He is joined by his son Harry, a Tony Award nominee, who has recently been starring on Broadway as Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady.

More about the runners and riders or other teams tomorrow on the eve of the start.


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