The Raising Post: Issue 1

Welcome to the First Issue

Today we are proud to launch the first edition of The Raising Post. We hope you will enjoy it.

The wretched virus and the consequential Lockdown has presented many considerable challenges. The mainstream media like to focus almost predominantly on the negative side of how our political masters and administrators are meeting these challenges.

In the Raising Post we intend to adopt Oddball (aka Donald Sutherland)’s ‘can do’ approach made famous in the great spoof war film Kelly’s Heroes ..He would say:

Don’t give me those negative waves… Just think – there will be a way and there will be a way.

In that spirit and motivated by the great Captain Tom, we have devised a challenge to raise the profile and funds for deserving causes. With its emphasis on ‘raising’ we have adopted the title The Raising Post.

This journal of limited editions will chart the progress and stories of nine teams as they make their ‘virtual’ way from Lands End to John O’Groats over the next three weeks. Seven teams of eight walkers each ‘left’ today. Two teams of bikers will depart on 24th May and endeavour to chase down the walkers. The competition we expect will be intense and the encounters on the route no less dramatic.
Lockdown Challenge Route

A number of the teams are ‘running’ (actually walking) to promote the cause of those unsung unpaid heroes of school age who care selflessly for their loved ones, parents or siblings; at home the Young Carers are denied many of the privileges of a carefree youth uncomplainingly. They are in effect performing an essential social service.

Another team individual is raising money for The Samaritans who are offering a vital service in threatening mental environment.

There is a very international flavour to the participants. One team is made up of Zimbabweans or at least a number who are very closely affiliated. They run in support of a local emergency fund there to aid those in need and a local Save the Rhino charity. All great as long as they don’t bring the rhino with them!

We will profile the causes and some of the individuals and their teams as we go.
Escargatoire: view at the off

We look forward to reporting on and charting the daily progress of the teams.

We invite contributions from the teams. The daily deadline for publication has to be 4 pm as the editor has miles to walk and has a progress map to edit.

We will even publish Letters to the Editor.

Finally if anyone has anything they wish to promote, there will be an advertising section for an appropriate contribution to the causes.

Today’s News

The morning broke fine and clear. The sight of white frost on the ground caused Tor Bagge of the Two Legged Tortoises on looking out of her window to cry out ‘My runner beans! I cannot believe I failed to put them in last night. I have been nursing them all spring’. As an essential member of the that team, it is hoped that this will not affect her own runner beans.

The Human Hares

Michael G (for some unexplained reason known to his army friends as Dan) leading the Escargatoires (=snail nursery) started realistically on the coast. We were pleased to see him there as the team were late arrivals and for a while suspected non-starters. But Gurneys never disappoint!

The Human Hares are led by John and Tian who were hoping to find a hare-dresser en route. They do look remarkably like John and Yoko! Standing in the dock at Southampton trying to get to Holland or France…the man in the cap said you got to go back ..Christ you know it aint easy..etc. In a more optimistic tone they were heard to say:

Hare today and gone in 18 days!

Tom litter-picking

The Tea Bag Stable are prolific publishers. The leader Tom also likes to make sure that his route is litter free and has requested bonus points for his labours. The stewards are reviewing this request. Erika, the Austrian mountaineer, has not moved far since we last recorded her position. Same mountain, same rocks, same stride. Finally Jude walks in the same manner as Taffy did in my platoon at Mons Officer Cadet school..right arm and right leg forward at the same time which could challenge the hips by the time she gets to the Borders.

The QuaRun Team look as though they operating in pretty flat country and George looks frighteningly fit. Not seen any of their other runners out yet. Possibly they are all late starters

Ben’s route…

The Two legged Tortoises appear to be having trouble with their technology. Ben looks like he has walked straight out of a pub but has inadvertently created a dart shaped route. Faye (aka the Fen Hag)’s route apparently was recorded sitting at her kitchen talking on the telephone. We are not quite sure what happened to the tracker when it went out on a limb of its own accord. She thinks it went to look for her!

…and Faye’s route!

We have heard nothing from the Walky Talkies but must assume they want to lie low. Not too low, we hope.

There was a lot of noise from Team Chipembere (which apparently in local tongue means Rhino but actually sounds more like a quote from an alcoholic golfer) last evening in advance of the start; but they too have been remarkably quiet today. No doubt we will hear more and report on that tomorrow.

Two Cranks and a Chain

Finally the biker team Two Cranks and a Chain are following the walkers’ progress avidly and are themselves now in training. At the moment they are struggling to charge the batteries on their electric bikes.

Tomorrow we will bring news of all the team’s progress, challenges and fresh stories.

A Cause Profile – The Young Carers:

The Unsung Heroes

They are essential workers.
They are unpaid
They never have a break
They don’t get clapped
Their cause is not championed by the media
Their responsibilities will endure even after lockdown
They are school children upon whom huge responsibilities devolve which they fulfil with love and devotion
They are the Young Carers
They ask for nothing but they need support
They need your recognition

Go to the Walking4Norfolk fundraising page and hit the Donate button.
£10 or less will mean a lot

Teabags depart on Day 1

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