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The Raising Post: Issue 4

The editor/rule-maker/organiser went to bed at end of day 3 in a relatively agitated mood…

…having had to deal with a number of tricky issues, including complaints about teams being located in the Bristol Channel (for which there is a perfectly reasonable explanation with which I shall not trouble you).
In the Sea

But this also gives me a chance to herald the amazing work of Anna Kasket and Chrissie (L-O), the indomitable support team: Anna Kasket, who regularly sends us emails with Journal final copies at 2am, having fuelled the social media all day; and Chrissie, who resurrected and now nurses the website. Three cheers for them!

A merry tune

What, then, of the teams’ progress on days 3 and 4?

Most of them, those keeping up with pace and marked collectively on the map as ‘the Peloton’, are now well into Somerset and will be passing through Bristol and across the Severn Bridge today.

“Somerset” (or possibly Norfolk – the River Mun, to be precise)

One is never quite certain how the back markers, the PC Plodders and the Walky Talkies, are doing, as they tend to do a lot overnight and after the day’s returns have been submitted; and so don’t be fooled by their relative positions on the map. The Walky Talkie returns, when they come in, are unerringly consistent and one can only assume (with profuse apologies to their leader) they have learned the art of ‘cut and paste’. The same must apply to the Human Hares.

Chipembere have issues with connectivity as a number of them are in Zim and spend a more of their time rounding up rhinos and elephant…

…But they have sent a wonderful album of clips, and what a contrast to Norfolk or Dorset – or perhaps not, if this weather holds.

Meanwhile, the rest of their team – namely the houseparty in Dorset – are posting relatively respectable mileages and not far off the pace. If your name is Kate or Katie, you can be sure to do 6.2 miles, although they must have realised this was spotted because one did 10 yesterday and the other only 4!

Gardens looking good

The weather of course has made for wonderful walking conditions. More inclement weather might spread the field a little.

Kitty’s view

Escargatoire continue to send in coastline views and it now has to be the case that they are taking the western coastal path north; although their leader Michael does embark on sorties inland on occasion, Martin Forsyth is putting in some consistent mileage and Caroline Everard the rock climber is no doubt doing all hers vertically!

The TeaBag Stable are living up to their name and are permanently to be seen milling around the village pump consuming scones and cakes.

Although a little apart and submitting some very impressive mountain miles, Erika is clearly enjoying great spring sunshine in the Tirol.

One of Erika’s daily returns – I had to telephone to check she was not stuck on top of a mountain!

Lermoos, in the Tyrol (South-East of Devon)
…and Norfolk’s reply

The PC Plodders have gone under cover.

The PC’s dog, but it would appear no PC

Ben of the Two-Legged Tortoises seems to be rid of his headache – represented by some erratic routes plotted on his app – but given it to Trish, who went for a very wobbly walk on Monday.

Another wobbly walker for the Two Legged Tortoises

Fay has been troubled by seeing zebras in Norfolk and may have been taking the same anti-malarial stuff Trump is medicating with.

Tor and the author think they have discovered where all the PPE has got to!

The banter between teams is very active. Fay, she of the Fen, offered the following: ‘Tea Bags [Stable] should be hung out to dry!’ The immediate riposte of course was ‘Is it that bad in the Fen?’

Gin and song

Buen Camino! as they say in Spain

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