The Stradsett Strollers

Team Members:

James Bagge
Olly Judges
Neil Gromett
Ronny Amthor Smith
Paul Grassby

About Us

The Stradsett Strollers are led by James Bagge of Walking4Norfolk fame with renowned experience at long distance walking, but the form of the remainder is however unknown. We have a professor in the team, an insurance broker and two property tycoons. There has been a lot of talk in training about pubs and how they might be included in the daily round. It feels like it could take a while to get to Paris.

About Our Charity

Swan Youth Project

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The Swan Youth Project is based in a lovely old school building in Downham Market, Norfolk. We are a registered charity (No 1143957). We support young people between 8 – 18 years of age with a variety of activities, groups and courses. Our Open Access sessions are at the core of what we do, with everything else holistically growing from these. We listen to our young people and move forward with their input and fabulous ideas.


We work to create appropriate settings that facilitate the growth and development of the children and young people from our area and beyond.

We aim to:
  • Provide a safe place for young people to spend time with their peers;
  • Provide activities that will enhance the lives of the young people whom attend the groups;
  • Provide unbiased and on the spot support and information for the young people whom attend the groups;
  • Provide educational activities to complement the work that young people are doing within their school curriculum;
  • Provide health activities to support the health physical psychological and mental wellbeing of young people.

Good Luck, The Stradsett Strollers!

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