The TMP Trekkers

Team Members:

Lucy Day
Lisa Ackroyd
Sharon Parnell
Lee Smith
Lorie Lain-Rogers

About Us

The TMP Trekkers (Or The Matthew Project Trekkers to be precise) are an intrepid group of adventurers, primed and ready for the challenge. Competition beware!

A heroic mix of both staff and volunteers, this nimble footed bunch will be walking a mix of country roads, lanes and footpaths with one goal in mind. Raising funds for their beloved charity.

They are currently immersed in a high impact training program including the popular stair climb, shoelace squats and (under close supervision), the ‘I’m first to the bathroom’ run on Monday mornings.

If you see them whilst out and about in the county, be sure to give them a smile and wave; and most importantly, show your support with a donation!

About Our Charity

The Matthew Project

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The Matthew Project is a value-driven charity, based in Norfolk and Suffolk and working in innovative ways with adults, young people and communities affected by drugs and alcohol. Through the Matthew Project’s varied services, young people and adults receive professional advice, information, counselling, support, care and education.

The Matthew Project has workers based throughout Norfolk and Suffolk in both rural and urban areas. Our work takes place in a variety of settings including schools, youth venues, police stations, courts, in the community and at our own premises.

We work with the individual but also worried parents, carers and young people whose parents use drugs or alcohol.

More information can be found on our website.

Kay’s Story:
“…Today I am 1 year and 10 months clean and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I have restitution in all areas of my life and I am loved, trusted, respected and accepted again.
Recovery is possible – It’s work if you work it”

Good Luck, The TMP Trekkers!