Past Challenges,  Walsingham 2019

The Walk to Walsingham

Walk to Walsingham, an exciting Walking4Norfolk event raising money to support the army of unpaid carers across Norfolk, was launched this morning at the Forum, Norwich. Members of the public are being encouraged to join this inspiring journey in September from Norwich to Walsingham to lend their support to this great cause.

Walking4Norfolk works to raise awareness and funds to support these amazing carers in their invaluable, and often unrecognised and challenging, role. Set up in 2018, Walking4Norfolk was inspired by the 100,000 unpaid carers in Norfolk who provide unpaid support to ill, older or disabled family members, friends or partners. These unsung heroes are thought to save local authority and NHS services in Norfolk £500 million a year, but they face many challenges and can become isolated without support.

Norfolk Community Foundation is proud to support Walking4Norfolk by collecting, managing and distributing funds raised through Walking4Norfolk to local voluntary organisations throughout the county who care for and support our carers, ensuring that funds are targeted where the need is greatest.

The ‘Snowdrop Walk’ in Spring 2019 at Walsingham

The Walk

The Walk to Walsingham, taking place over 3 days from Friday 20 September to Sunday 22 September, will follow an ancient pilgrimage route, beginning at Norwich Cathedral and ending in Walsingham on the Sunday. The stages of the walk will be:

  • Day 1: Norwich Cathedral to Lyng
  • Day 2: Lyng to Great Ryburgh
  • Day 3: Great Ryburgh to Walsingham.

Participants can choose to walk the whole route or the distance of their choice. Overnight camping will be available, or people can choose to join by the day. There will be a minimal registration fee and volunteers will be able to attract sponsorship from their families, friends and contacts. The target is to raise at least £50,000 to support unpaid carers.

James Bagge, who was inspired to set up Walking4Norfolk, said:

“Walking4Norfolk has already raised £70,000 for local unpaid carers but this is nothing in the face of the need. The aim is for many more people to become involved and support these inspirational people whose efforts often go unnoticed. We all need to do what we can to support these amazing people in our midst. Let’s join together via Walking4Norfolk to champion these heroes in our community.”

Helen Leith, Norfolk Branch Director of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, said:

“Walking to Walsingham through the beautiful Norfolk countryside is a wonderful way to support the very important work of Walking4Norfolk in caring for the carers. Most of us lead busy, stressful lives so finding time to spend in the countryside is one of the best ways of engaging with nature, clearing and calming the mind, and making us feel better. By signing up to support this walk you are helping the amazing carers, appreciating our beautiful countryside and doing something good for yourself as well.”

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