Tor de Force

Team Members:

Tor Bagge
Sally Maison
Fay Crouch
Neri Amthor Smith
Jill Bleecher

About Us

Tor Bagge, the ever supportive wife of “Mr W4N” has assembled an impressive international array of talented women to walk with her to Notre-Dame and raise money for and awareness of the plight of the Unpaid Carers in Norfolk.

Sally Maison will be walking in Montana, USA; Jill Bleecher in California; Fay Crouch in Stoke Ferry; and Tor and Neri in and around Stradsett. Maintaining some level of control over these disparate team members will be Tor’s major challenge. The walking will be the easy bit!



About Our Charity


Walking4Norfolk is all about Unpaid Carers and finding funding to support the various groups around the county who give succour, companionship and advice to that army of angels of all ages who look after their loved ones at home. If you need to more more just hit the About button on this website!

Good Luck, Tor de Force!