Walking Through The Gate

Team Members:

Clare Kybird
Mel Wheeler
Martin Edwards
Gabby Caswell
Ralph Corbett

About Us

We have three very good walkers, two “okay” walkers and one very very fit dog joining in. We are all busily practising our French, just in case we make it across the Channel! Our aim is to raise the profile of our relatively new charity, raise funds to support our amazingly generous Mentors, lose weight, get to know Norfolk Highways and Byways and not get lost; however, if we do, we hope it will be near a refreshment stop!

Two of our walkers are tracking the Weavers Way, starting in Great Yarmouth.

About Our Charity

Community Chaplaincy Norfolk

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Community Chaplaincy Norfolk is a Christian charity which supports men and women leaving prison. We provide mentors who support our clients on their journey helping them to become full members of community again. At present we mainly serve Norwich and Wayland prison but are hoping to spread to others in the region. We serve all of whatever faith or those with none.

Good Luck, Walking Through The Gate!